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  • project . 2021 - 2022
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/V020471/1
    Funder Contribution: 12,390 GBP
    Partners: University of London, McGill University

    ESRC : Emily MacLeod : ES/P000592/1. This exchange provides me with the opportunity to develop my existing expertise within science identities research, and make links within the field of teacher education and teaching identities research. There is a critical shortage o...

  • project . 2021 - 2025
    Funder: EC Project Code: 101000302
    Overall Budget: 7,919,410 EURFunder Contribution: 7,919,410 EUR
    Open Access mandate for Publications and Research Data
    Partners: UBC, Quantitative Aquatics, Inc., DUTH, NIVA, IEO, AGORA, AUTH, EV ILVO, IOLR, Breda University of Applied Sciences...

    The EcoScope project will develop an interoperable platform and a robust decision-making toolbox, available through a single public portal, to promote an efficient, ecosystem-based fisheries management. It will be guided by policy makers and scientific advisory bodies, ...

  • project . 2020 - 2021
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/T014237/1
    Funder Contribution: 9,945 GBP
    Partners: UBC, Durham University

    ESRC : Hester Hockin-Boyers : ES/P000762/1 The Mitacs Globalink UK-Canada doctoral exchange scheme would enable PhD student Hester Hockin-Boyers (Durham University) to spend 12-weeks working with Dr Norman and Professor Vertinsky in the School of Kinesiology at the Univ...

  • project . 2020 - 2022
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/V010131/1
    Funder Contribution: 7,776 GBP
    Partners: UoC, University of Exeter

    NERC: Jennifer Watts: NE/S007504/1

  • project . 2018 - 2021
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/R012849/1
    Funder Contribution: 387,179 GBP
    Partners: University of Bristol, University of Manitoba, Alfred Wegener Inst for Polar & Marine R

    Following the polar amplification of global warming in recent decades, we have witnessed unprecedented changes in the coverage and seasonality of Arctic sea ice, enhanced freshwater storage within the Arctic seas, and greater nutrient demand from pelagic primary produce...

  • project . 2014 - 2024
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/L016362/1
    Funder Contribution: 3,523,600 GBP
    Partners: CAS, ZJOU, McMaster University, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA, Huazhong University of Sci and Tech, University of the Witwatersrand, NPL, National Carbon Institute (CSIC), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, BF2RA...

    The motivation for this proposal is that the global reliance on fossil fuels is set to increase with the rapid growth of Asian economies and major discoveries of shale gas in developed nations. The strategic vision of the IDC is to develop a world-leading Centre for Ind...

  • project . 2020 - 2024
    Funder: EC Project Code: 945234
    Overall Budget: 8,911,950 EURFunder Contribution: 3,997,240 EUR
    Open Access mandate for Publications and Research Data
    Partners: UniPi, KTH, Beijing University of Technology, Research Centre Rez, CNL, TEKNOLOGIAN TUTKIMUSKESKUS VTT OY, SJTU, University of Sheffield, KIT, University of Nottingham...

    The ECC-SMART is oriented towards assessing the feasibility and identification of safety features of an intrinsically and passively safe small modular reactor cooled by supercritical water (SCW-SMR), taking into account specific knowledge gaps related to the future lice...

  • project . 2021 - 2022
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/V019856/1
    Funder Contribution: 12,298 GBP
    Partners: Cardiff University, University of Toronto

    The human mouth contains many different types of microorganisms that are often found attached to oral surfaces in 'sticky' communities called biofilms. These microorganisms are held in close proximity and will therefore likely influence the behaviour of each other. The ...

  • project . 2019 - 2027
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/S023836/1
    Funder Contribution: 5,477,520 GBP
    Partners: UoC, Huazhong University of Sci and Tech, AVID Vehicles Ltd, XEMC DARWIND, Oxford Instruments plc, Solar Capture Technologies Limited, SIEMENS PLC, YeadonIP Ltd, TESCAN Digital Microscopy Imaging, Enocell Ltd...

    The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU) is driven by industry and market needs, which indicate unprecedented growth in renewable and distributed energy to 2050. This growth is underpinned by global demand for electricity ...

  • project . 2020 - 2021
    Funder: SNSF Project Code: 191599
    Funder Contribution: 24,100
    Partners: Institut universitaire de gériatrie Université de Montréal
447 projects, page 1 of 45