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Research data . Dataset . 2020

Shallow seismicity and the classification of structures in the Lau back-arc basin

Baxter, Alan T; Hannington, Mark D; Stewart, Margaret S; Emberley, Justin M; Breker, Kaitlyn; Krätschell, Anna; Petersen, Sven; +4 Authors
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2020
Publisher: PANGAEA

We compared Centroid Moment Tensors (CMTs), calculated for large (Mw >5), shallow (<30 km) seismic events to the orientations of seafloor lineaments (n = 4000) mapped throughout the Lau Basin, in the SW Pacific. Ship-based multibeam was combined with vertical gravity gradient data to provide comprehensive coverage to create the lineament map. By comparing the possible focal planes of the CMTs to the orientations of the lineaments, the most likely fault plane solutions were selected, thus classifying the faults and establishing the nature of the highly variable stress regimes in the basin. We resolved the strike, dip and dip direction of 308 faults, and classified 258 additional structures by fault type. The majority of the table was data downloaded from the Global Centroid Moment Tensor (GCMT) database ( accessed October 2018). For more details about the column headers consult the GCMT database website. New data from this study include the latitude and longitude error estimates (in meters), the classified faults (column: 'fault_type'), and the stress domain (column: 'stress_domain'), allocated to each of the classified faults.


Body wave magnitude, Time Stamp, Principle axis, T, Principle axis, T, plunge, Area locality, Hypocentre depth, error, Principle axis, T, azimuth, Latitude, error, Moment tensor Mtt, error, Moment tensor Mtp, Principle axis, P, Area/locality, Principle axis, N, Moment tensor Mtt, Moment tensor Mpp, Latitude 2, Coordinate uncertainty, Moment tensor Mtp, error, Principle axis, N, azimuth, Principle axis, N, plunge, Body waves, shortest period, Mantle waves, stations, Moment tensor Mrt, error, Principle axis, P, azimuth, Lau Basin, Principle axis, P, plunge, Principle axis, Surface waves, error, Moment tensor Mrr, error, Moment tensor Mrp, error, Surface, Longitude, error, Body waves, Scalar moment, standard error, Surface, components, Mantle waves, components, Earth System Research, Hypocentre depth, Moment tensor Mpp, error, Surface waves, stations, Global Centroid Moment Tensor Project (GCMT), azimuth, Moment magnitude, Body waves, stations, Body waves, components, Mantle waves, shortest period, Location, Strike, Rake, Longitude 2, stations, Time, standard error, Time, components, Moment tensor Mrp, Mantle waves, Moment tensor Mrt, DATE TIME, Moment tensor Mrr, Type, LONGITUDE, Global Centroid Moment Tensor Project GCMT, plunge, CMTs, Event label, Dip, Comment, Surface waves, shortest period, back-arc basins, DATE/TIME, back arc basins, earthquake, LATITUDE, Surface wave magnitude, seismicity, shortest period

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Funded by
  • Funder: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
NSF| Facility Support: The Global CMT Project
  • Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Project Code: 0824694
  • Funding stream: Directorate for Geosciences | Division of Earth Sciences