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Research data . Dataset . 2015

"Table 20" of "Search for massive, long-lived particles using multitrack displaced vertices or displaced lepton pairs in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector"

ATLAS Collaboration;
Published: 01 Jan 2015
Publisher: HEPData

CERN-LHC. Many extensions of the Standard Model posit the existence of heavy particles with long lifetimes. This article presents the results of a search for events containing at least one long-lived particle that decays at a significant distance from its production point into two leptons or into five or more charged particles. This analysis uses a data sample of proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 20.3 fb$^{-1}$ collected in 2012 by the ATLAS detector operating at the Large Hadron Collider. No events are observed in any of the signal regions, and limits are set on model parameters within supersymmetric scenarios involving R-parity violation, split supersymmetry, and gauge mediation. In some of the search channels, the trigger and search strategy are based only on the decay products of individual long-lived particles, irrespective of the rest of the event. In these cases, the provided limits can easily be reinterpreted in different scenarios.

Upper limits (95% CL) from the DV+$E_T^{miss}$ channel on the production cross-section and the corresponding event-level efficiencies (from Auxiliary Figure 9a) for two GGM SUSY models as a function of the $\tilde{\chi}_1^0$ proper decay distance $c\tau$. The models consider gluino pair production, with $\tilde{g}\to qq[\tilde{\chi}_1^0\to Z\tilde{G}]$ decays, $m(\tilde{g})$ = 1100 GeV and a $\tilde{\chi}_1^0$ mass in GeV as indicated. For comparison, the production cross-section for $m(\tilde{g})$ = 1100 GeV is $7.6\pm2.8$ fb.

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arXiv: High Energy Physics::Experiment Computer Science::Data Structures and Algorithms


P P --> GLUINO GLUINO, SIG, EFF, Exclusive, Integrated Cross Section, Cross Section, Proton-Proton Scattering, 8000

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  • Funder: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
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Dataset . 2015
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