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Research data . Dataset . 2021

"Triangle, SR4$\ell$, 700 GeV, $\ell=e$, Exp_0_Down" of "Search for trilepton resonances from chargino and neutralino pair production in $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV $pp$ collisions with the ATLAS detector"

ATLAS Collaboration;

Exclusion curve for the simplified model of $\tilde\chi^{\pm}_{1}\tilde\chi^{\mp}_{1} + \tilde\chi^{0}_{1}\tilde\chi^{0}_{1}$ pair-production as a function of $\tilde\chi^{\pm}_{1}/\tilde\chi^{0}_{1}$ branching fraction to $Z$ and Higgs bosons. Results are shown for the charged-lepton decays of $\tilde\chi^{\pm}_{1}/\tilde\chi^{0}_{1}$ into electrons only for a mass of 700 GeV. The expected 95% CL exclusion (dashed black line) is shown with $\pm1~\sigma_{\mathrm{exp}}$ (yellow band) from systematic and statistical uncertainties on the expected yields. The observed 95% CL exclusion (solid red line) is shown with the $\pm1~\sigma_{\mathrm{theory}}^{\mathrm{SUSY}}$ (dotted red line) from signal cross section uncertainties on the signal models. The phase-space excluded by the search is shown in the shaded color.

No data abstract available.

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arXiv: High Energy Physics::Experiment


CLS, SUSY, Supersymmetry, Proton-Proton Scattering, Electroweak, 13000, P P --> CHARGINO+ CHARGINO- X, P P --> CHARGINO- CHARGINO+ X, P P --> CHARGINO+ NEUTRALINO1 X, P P --> CHARGINO- NEUTRALINO1 X

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  • Funder: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
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Dataset . 2021
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