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Research data . Dataset . 2021

Dataset - Heavy-oxide glasses with superior mechanical assets for nonlinear fiber applications in the mid-infrared

Strutynski, Cl��ment;
Published: 14 Apr 2021
Publisher: Zenodo

Dataset related to article: Heavy-oxide glasses with superior mechanical assets for nonlinear fiber applications in the mid-infrared. Cl��ment Strutynski, Florian Calzavara, Th��o Guerineau, Laura Loi, Romain Laberdesque, Jean-Michel Rampnoux, Steeve Morency, Yannick Ledemi, Yannick Petit, Marc Dussauze, Fr��d��ric D��s��v��davy, Fr��d��ric Smektala, Sylvain Danto, Lionel Canioni, Younes Messaddeq, Evelyne Fargin, Thierry Cardinal. Optical Materials Express. 2021, volume 11, issue 5, pp. 1420-1430 The data were measured internally with instrumentations belonging to the tem in Bordeaux. UV-Visible-NIR transmission spectra of the glass were recorded in the 0.2 ��m - 3.3 ��m range using an Agilent Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer. Transmission in the Mid-IR was collected using a Bruker FTIR Optical losses measurements of single-index fibers were carried out using the cutback method on several meters-long samples. The Raman gain cross-section was calculated from spontaneous scattering spectra measured in in VV (vertical polarization for the excitation and the analysis) configuration using a micro-Raman setup. A spectroscopic phase modulated ellipsometric measurement had thus been performed with an UVISEL apparatus (HORIBA Jobin-Yvon) to determine the refractive index n of the GGBLaY glass, after a fine calibration of the ellipsometre with the reference Silica glass over the spectral range between 0.260 ��m to 2 ��m thanks to the comparison to literature.

Funded by
  • Funder: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
FUNctional GLASS
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 823941
  • Funding stream: H2020 | MSCA-RISE
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Dataset . 2021
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