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Research data . Dataset . 2017

Additional file 5: Table S1. of Increasing quality, throughput and speed of sample preparation for strand-specific messenger RNA sequencing

Haile, Simon; Corbett, Richard; MacLeod, Tina; Bilobram, Steve; Smailus, Duane; Tsao, Philip; Kirk, Heather; +14 Authors
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2017
Publisher: Figshare

Alignment-based metrics for reverse transcriptase comparisons. Table S2. Alignment-based metrics for the size selection experiment. Table S3. Alignment-based metrics for the comparison of library construction kits. Table S4. Alignment-based metrics for the intermediate ssRNA-seq pipeline. The protocol evaluated includes all changes (1st strand cDNA synthesis, optimal bead purifications, new library construction chemistry with modified ligation condition, bead-based size selection, and UNG treatment) with the exception of the mRNA isolation improvements. Table S5. Alignment-based metrics for the final ssRNA-seq pipeline using UHR. Table S6. Alignment-based metrics for the final ssRNA-seq pipeline using tumor samples. (XLS 62Â kb)

Funded by
  • Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
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