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  • project . 2011 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/J00538X/1
    Funder Contribution: 289,002 GBP
    Partners: WINMEC Laboratory, STFC - Laboratories, University of Toronto, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Pierre Simon Laplace Institute IPSL, DKRZ

    Climate science demands on data management are growing rapidly as climate models grow in the precision with which they depict spatial structures and in the completeness with which they describe a vast range of physical processes. For the Climate Model Inter-comparison P...

  • project . 2009 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/G007217/1
    Funder Contribution: 1,565,450 GBP
    Partners: SIEMENS PLC, Alcoa Europe Flat Rolled Products, NAMTEC, Boeing (United Kingdom), TU Dortmund University, FORD MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED, Celsa Steel UK, University of Oxford, Caterpillar Inc, RAM...

    Achieving the carbon target for steel and aluminium requires an industry-wide transformation which will result in new business models and new metal flows. The proposal aims to identify credible scenarios for achieving the target, to specify the barriers to achieving the...

  • project . 2014 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: BB/L026325/1
    Funder Contribution: 9,072 GBP
    Partners: University of Toronto, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics, CIT, University of Salford, Babraham Institute, University of Connecticut Health Center

    United Kingdom

  • project . 2013 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: ES/K000594/2
    Funder Contribution: 33,652 GBP
    Partners: University of Edinburgh, Philippine Education Theater Association, UBC, PWC-BC, Ateneo de Manila University

    Developed in a four-year partnership between geographers, migrant advocacy organisations and professional theatre artists, this proposed research seeks to generate substantive, transnational debate on the policies of temporary migrant labour and the politics of domestic...

  • project . 2012 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: BB/K004204/1
    Funder Contribution: 118,989 GBP
    Partners: SIB, QMUL, OICR

    The hereditary information carried by each living thing is its genome. Stored in the form of the DNA sequences of As, Cs, Gs, and Ts, between 1 and 5% of the genome sequence consists in genes. These genes contain instruction sets for small protein machines that accompli...

  • project . 2013 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/H00324X/2
    Funder Contribution: 275,478 GBP
    Partners: ANL, University of Warwick, University of Cambridge, EWU, UBC, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

    Resistance is futile: lightbulbs and heaters aside, the majority of electronic components are at their most efficient when their electrical resistance is minimized. In the present climate, with energy sustainability regularly topping the international agenda, reducing t...

  • project . 2013 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/K005243/1
    Funder Contribution: 443,723 GBP
    Partners: NHMD, RAS, University of Salford, Hokkeido University, ENSL, Uppsala University, Leiden University, PACIFIC IDentifications Inc, Royal Belgium Inst of Natural Sciences, UCLA...

    The shift from hunting and gathering to an agricultural way of life was one of the most profound events in the history of our species and one which continues to impact our existence today. Understanding this process is key to understanding the origins and rise of human ...

  • project . 2011 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/I013652/1
    Funder Contribution: 253,505 GBP
    Partners: University of Leicester, University of Cologne, NASA, McGill University, CIMA Research Foundation

    Precipitation is unanimously recognized as one of the central variables of the global water and energy cycle, mainly because of its direct significance for the availability of water for human beings, agriculture and life on Earth in general, but also because of its impa...

  • project . 2009 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/H000240/1
    Funder Contribution: 288,262 GBP
    Partners: McMaster University, University of London, QinetiQ Ltd

    The global semiconductor market has a value of around $1trillion, over 90% of which is silicon based. In many senses silicon has driven the growth in the world economy for the last 40 years and has had an unparalleled cultural impact. Given the current level of commitme...

  • project . 2012 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: ES/J019631/2
    Funder Contribution: 24,845 GBP
    Partners: ILC-UK, Manchester City Council, NUIG, Free University of Brussels (VUB), CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, University of Salford, University of Alberta, MMU, Beth Johnson Foundation, Lingnan University...

    The World Health Organization (WHO) model of 'age-friendly cities' emphasizes the theme of supportive urban environments for older citizens. These defined as encouraging 'active ageing' by 'optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enha...

22 projects, page 1 of 3