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  • project . 2014 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/K040251/1
    Funder Contribution: 1,157,930 GBP
    Partners: SU, MONO, UWO, Smith Institute, Technology Dev Group BioDundee, MICROSOFT RESEARCH LIMITED, D-RisQ Ltd, Lemma 1, LMS, JacobsUni...

    Mathematics is a profound intellectual achievement with impact on all aspects of business and society. For centuries, the highest level of mathematics has been seen as an isolated creative activity, to produce a proof for review and acceptance by research peers. Mathema...

  • project . 2014 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/M005968/1
    Funder Contribution: 16,652 GBP
    Partners: McGill University, Umeå University, University of Cambridge, UVA, University of Notre Dame Indiana

    North temperate regions hold much of the planet's freshwater, an essential ingredient for all life. But anthropogenic activities, such as land-use change, are dramatically altering these landscapes and threatening the delivery of key services provided by aquatic ecosyst...

  • project . 2014 - 2014
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: BB/L026325/1
    Funder Contribution: 9,072 GBP
    Partners: University of Toronto, Babraham Institute, University of Connecticut Health Center, CIT, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics, University of Salford

    United Kingdom

3 projects, page 1 of 1