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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-20-EBI5-0003
    Funder Contribution: 299,695 EUR
    Partners: Ontario Ministry of natural Resources and Forestry, Universidade de Sao Paulo -IEE/CENBIO, Université catholique de Louvain, UniSS, INRAE, Alliance Forêt Bois, University of Rostock, Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement, UMR PVBMT, Institut National de Recherche pour lAgriculture lAlimentation et lEnvironnement - Centre de Recherche Provence Alpes Côte dAzur - Pathologie Végétale, Ghent University...

    Forest landscape restoration and afforestation have recently received much international attention as a crucial opportunity for mitigating climate change (CC). Therefore, it features prominently in many political initiatives such as the EU Green Deal and the Bonn Challe...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-16-FRQC-0008
    Funder Contribution: 224,640 EUR
    Partners: Centre Max Weber, University of Montreal

    We assist today to an increase of the ageing population (in France and in Quebec, ? of the population will have more than 60 years in 2050) along with a risk of vulnerabilisation of elderly people. To cope with this demographic challenge, States have set up legal mechan...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-11-FRQU-0001
    Funder Contribution: 149,510 EUR
    Partners: University of Montreal, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po)

    The aim of the (New)AGE project is to compare the various forms of governance of education based on policies of accountability that have been implemented in France and Quebec for the last fifteen years. The global purpose is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the pr...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-16-FRQC-0005
    Funder Contribution: 242,731 EUR
    Partners: Institut National D’Études Démographiques, University of Montreal, Caisse national d’assurance vieillesse, Institut National de Recherche Scientifique, Université Concordia

    Our project belongs to the theme of public policies and social innovations facing demographic changes and targets two sub-themes: the transformation of public services and the specificities concerning the provision of public services at the local level._x000D_ Throughou...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-20-CE26-0014
    Funder Contribution: 248,724 EUR
    Partners: Laboratoire des sciences techniques de linformation, de la communication et de la connaissance, University of Montreal, Domus, Faculté des Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke

    The French team of the Lab-STICC (UMR CNRS), specialized in adaptive human-system interactions, and the DOMUS laboratory in Quebec, which specializes in cognitive assistance to the individual, will be partnering to design, produce and evaluate smart technology to assist...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-12-ADAP-0006
    Funder Contribution: 358,822 EUR
    Partners: CNRS, Centre décologie fonctionnelle et évolutive, Université Sherbrooke, University of Montreal, Laboratoire dEconomie de Dauphine, Conservation des Especes, Restauration et Suivi des Populations

    In a rapidly changing world, we need operational tools to predict and manage responses of biodiversity. To date, although it is clear from both theoretical and empirical work that adaptation can influence the persistence of populations on short time scales, biodiversity...

  • project
    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-10-BLAN-1702
    Funder Contribution: 340,000 EUR
    Partners: Simon Fraser University, University of Montreal, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique / Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles UPR2301

    Alteration of host behavioural phenotypes is a widespread strategy of host exploitation among parasitic organisms. Understanding such strategies is important for applied aspects of parasitology as well as for evolutionary and ecological reasons. In this proposal, we wis...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-15-CE08-0035
    Funder Contribution: 393,763 EUR
    Partners: Institut Neel, Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie, University of Montreal, Institut National de Recherche Scientifique

    Note: The length of the abstract is limited to 2250 characters in compliance with the Canadian NSERC proposal._x000D_ _x000D_ Greater exploitation of space has fostered research towards the production of highly-performing cheaper satellites of small size and small weigh...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-20-AORS-0003
    Funder Contribution: 149,485 EUR
    Partners: Aarhus University, Arctic University of Norway, University of Iceland, University of Montreal, University of Buffalo, CHRONO-ENVIRONNEMENT

    NICH-Arctic proposes transdisciplinary investigations of Human, Cultural and Environment interactions in the Arctic-subarctic North Atlantic in a context of climate change and industrialization. The Arctic-Subarctic coastal regions are subject to large amplitude changes...

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    Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-14-CE05-0042
    Funder Contribution: 464,863 EUR
    Partners: COmplexe de Recherche Interprofessionnel en Aérothermochimie, Rouen, UBC, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse, IFP Energies nouvelles

    Many industrial processes like coal combustion, catalytic craking, gas phase polymerization reactors, and more recently, biomass gasification and chemical looping involve two-phase reactive flows in which the continuous phase is a fluid and the dispersed one comprises r...

29 projects, page 1 of 3