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  • project . 2012 - 2015
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: ES/K001973/1
    Funder Contribution: 163,724 GBP
    Partners: UCLA, University of Alberta, University of Glasgow

    With rapid globalisation, cross-cultural communication is integral to modern society, with mutual understanding of emotions key to successful social interaction. Yet, some cultures misinterpret facial expressions, challenging the widely accepted 'universal language of e...

  • project . 2009 - 2015
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/F01466X/1
    Funder Contribution: 456,788 GBP
    Partners: University of Ottawa, OSU, Newcastle University

    This project addresses the current uncertainty in the present-day contribution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to global sea level rise. These estimates are primarily derived from space geodetic (altimetry or time-variable gravity) measurements, with time-variable gravi...

  • project . 2011 - 2015
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/I005978/2
    Funder Contribution: 278,079 GBP
    Partners: University of Birmingham, University of St Andrews, University of Exeter, Nanjing Institute of Geology & Palaeonto, University of London, McGill University, AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, NERC British Geological Survey

    The Earth is a truly remarkable planet. In addition to the physical processes driving plate tectonics, climate and ocean-atmospheric exchange, it supports an extraordinary diversity of living organisms, from microbes to mammals and everything in between. Such wasn't alw...

  • project . 2013 - 2015
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: EP/L002787/1
    Funder Contribution: 98,503 GBP
    Partners: University of Ottawa, Weizmann Institute of Science, University of Warwick

    The project is devoted to basic research in pure mathematics. It is based on the well-studied interplay between the theory of electrical networks -seen as abstract mathematical tools- and the theory of random walks on graphs. Four specific topics within this framework a...

  • project . 2011 - 2015
    Funder: UKRI Project Code: NE/H01988X/1
    Funder Contribution: 392,706 GBP
    Partners: DFO, OSU, University of Oxford, SAMS, UD, NPS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, NOC

    The Canadian Arctic Archipelago (defined here to include Nares Strait which borders Greenland) is a key gateway that links the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic. Changes in the flux of freshened seawater and ice through its channels have the potential to significantly affect...

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