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  • other research product . 2020
    Open Access English
    Tirpitz, Jan-Lukas; Frieß, Udo; Hendrick, François; Alberti, Carlos; Allaart, Marc; Apituley, Arnoud; Bais, Alkis; Beirle, Steffen; Berkhout, Stijn; Bognar, Kristof; ...
    Project: EC | QA4ECV (607405), EC | ACTRIS-2 (654109), EC | VERTIGO (607905), NSERC

    The second Cabauw Intercomparison of Nitrogen Dioxide measuring Instruments (CINDI-2) took place in Cabauw (the Netherlands) in September 2016 with the aim of assessing the consistency of multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) measurements of...

1 research outcomes, page 1 of 1