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Country: Italy
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  • Open Access mandate for Publications and Research data
    Funder: EC Project Code: 766012
    Overall Budget: 1,588,450 EURFunder Contribution: 1,588,450 EUR
    Partners: BUDAI EGESZSEGKOZPONT KFT, UNIBO, AESCULAP AG, ADAGOS, University of Sheffield, Ansys (France), FINCERAMIC

    The SPINNER EID will train a group of Bioengineering early stage researchers to be in a position to design the next generation of repair materials and techniques for spine surgery. SPINNER brings together partners from the biomaterials (Finceramica), implantable devices (Aesculap), and computational modelling (Ansys, Adagos) industries with orthopaedic clinicians (National Centre for Spinal Disorders, NCSD) and academic experts in cell, tissue and organ scale biomaterials and medical device testing (Universities of Sheffield and Bologna). All projects will be fully grounded in practical industrial and clinical requirements, where the number of patients requiring complex spine surgery is rapidly expanding, and the biomedical engineering industry needs suitably trained, innovators to produce economic solutions to support healthy ageing for the people of Europe.

  • Funder: EC Project Code: 310637
    Partners: FINCERAMIC, CNR, University of Leeds, IWNiRZ, FSU, LEMI, University of York, POLLUTION SRL
  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 278807
    Partners: PreSens Precision Sensing (Germany), CELLEC BIOTEK AG, FINCERAMIC, IOR, OCTANE, USB, HOLOSTEM, University of Zagreb, University of Bristol
  • Funder: EC Project Code: 246373
    Partners: USB, FSU, IOR, LEMI, CNR, University of Brighton, TUD, FINCERAMIC, UCSC
  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 720834
    Overall Budget: 6,094,780 EURFunder Contribution: 6,094,780 EUR
    Partners: CNR, NEMERA LA VERPILLIERE, INsociety, Simula Research Laboratory, LIFE CORPORATION SA, FINCERAMIC, SARD, Charité - University Medicine Berlin, L.I.F.E. ITALIA SRL, CITC Ltd...

    The incidence of Cardiovascular Disease (CD) claims worldwide 17.1 million lives a year, with an estimated 31% of all deaths globally and a EU cost of 139 billion euros. Up to 40% of all deaths occur among the elderly. In spite of all medical efforts, the 5-year mortality was reduced significantly less than that of malignant diseases. This highlights the urgent need to overcome the difficulties associated with present pharmacological therapies (i.e. drug instability, and unspecific targeting) by developing new ground-breaking therapeutic strategies that go far beyond any current regimens. New approaches for safe, efficient, and heart-specific delivery of therapeutics are strongly required. CUPIDO is envisioned to meet these critical needs by providing an unconventional and effective strategy based on nanoparticle-assisted delivery of clinically available and novel therapeutics to the diseased heart. In particular, CUPIDO will develop innovative bioinspired hybrid nanoparticles formulated as biologicals delivery, which are i) biocompatible and biodegradable, ii) designed for crossing biological barriers, and iii) guidable to the heart. A combination of multidisciplinary manufacturing and validation approaches will be employed, bringing the envisioned product beyond the currently available clinical and day-to-day management of CD individuals. Scale-up production, and respect of medical regulatory requirements will allow CUPIDO to deliver a final product for future late pre-clinical and clinical studies. Altogether, CUPIDO will foster the translation of nanomedical applications toward the cardiac field, which although still in its start, offers great potential to overcome the limitations associated to the currently pharmacological treatments.