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Country: United Kingdom
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  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 780439
    Overall Budget: 2,000,000 EURFunder Contribution: 2,000,000 EUR
    Partners: FHG, Trust IT Services defines a pragmatic approach to reinforcing EU expert presence in international ICT standardisation. By setting up, managing & monitoring a continuous open call, will provide a streamlined process supporting the participation & contribution of EU specialists in SDOs & SSOs in the 5 essential building blocks of the Digital Single Market (DSM), viz.: cloud computing, 5G communications, IoT, cybersecurity & data technologies. Through a Standards Watch, maps & monitors the international ICT standards landscape & then liaises with SDOs, SSOs & industry-led groups, identifying gaps & priorities which match EU DSM objectives: These will become topics for the continuous open call. Engagement will be supported through a series of motivational drivers, maximising impact & high-level commitment to standardisation from a broad stakeholder base. Specifying & strategically addressing DSM standardisation challenges, analyses how to bolster EU’s presence and influence in international ICT standardisation & importantly the business impact on digital transformation on industry & consumers in strategic sectors such as eHealth, smart energy, intelligent transport systems & advanced manufacturing. The Consortium Partners have a history of contributing to ICT Standards arena & consolidating a highly influential international network. Trust-IT: Expert SME in communicating benefits of standards in ICT. Fraunhofer SCAI: Institute for applied research contributing to development of standards with an active role in different SDOs. The Consortium is supported by an Expert Advisory Group of 15 members. Main Project outputs are: 1 web platform with interactive global ICT standards map & online open call facility, 10 ICT standards priority reports, 1 continuous open call with 10 bimonthly cycles for applications, targeting 1000+ proposals, 300+ specialists supported, 50+ external evaluators, and 8 ICT standards workshops.

  • Open Access mandate for Publications and Research data
    Funder: EC Project Code: 780125
    Overall Budget: 700,000 EURFunder Contribution: 700,000 EUR
    Partners: WIT, Trust IT Services

    The project aims to establish and enact an open, dynamic and continuous consultation process with initially 8 key stakeholder groups on a citizen centric quest to discover their needs for the Next Generation Internet (NGI). The multi-facet consultation process will be governed by a established, self-sustaining European Champions Panel (ECP) that will initially be composed of carefully selected stakeholder representatives. will ensure that the ECP along with the established consultation processes will sustain right through to support the highly ambitious NGI Flagship.

  • Open Access mandate for Publications and Research data
    Funder: EC Project Code: 689495
    Overall Budget: 500,000 EURFunder Contribution: 500,000 EUR
    Partners: University of Coimbra, WIT, Trust IT Services

    The EUBrasilCloudFORUM Coordination and Support Action aims at establishing an organisational cooperation model that enables the EU and Brazil to formulate and develop a common strategy and approach for Research & Innovation in Cloud Computing in line with the priorities of each region. Shaping the Digital Single Market (DSM) requires revitalising industry with a strong focus on cloud computing and the data economy. Europe & Brazil understand the potential global importance of the DSM, where both parties within EUBrasilCloudFORUM, agree that an open exchange with stakeholders is critical for building consensus amongst the regions and for delivering practical guides on how Cloud Services can help business and research activity. The on-going evolution of cloud computing will radically transform business processes and bring about the most sweeping changes to the structure of the global economy since the Industrial Revolution. A structured channel as the EUBrasilCloudFORUM is needed to exchange views on the digital economy can support better access for consumers and businesses around innovative cloud services and solutions and maximise the growth potential of the digital economy. Four main objectives have been set by the EU & BR consortium: 1) structure a community driven engagement forum for EU-Brazil policy and research and innovation dialogues; 2) deliver an EU-Brazil Research and Innovation Roadmap and Action Plan related to cloud computing; 3) build a web based EUBR Service platform to promote and market the results from the EU-Brazil community as well as showcasing the success stories; and 4) organize and deliver focused EU-BR Cloud Computing Events.

  • Open Access mandate for Publications and Research data
    Funder: EC Project Code: 644014
    Overall Budget: 499,875 EURFunder Contribution: 499,875 EUR
    Partners: CERN, Trust IT Services, CSA

    The PICSE Procurers’ Platform will give access to a unique repository of information supporting the move from outright purchase to ‘pay-per-usage’ made possible by the arrival of cloud computing. It builds on the Helix Nebula collaboration between supply and demand of which the three PICSE partners are key members, including the H-N coordinator, CERN. It addresses the fragmented landscape of inconsistent technical approaches and disjointed managerial structures that prevent delivery of a production-quality cloud computing e-infrastructure. PICSE will engage with cloud service providers, their customers and procurement professionals over a crucial period as Europe’s Cloud Strategy comes to fruition and several large multinational procurements (including PPIs and PCPs) take place. The project will provide a focal point avoiding duplication of efforts to identify, analyse, publicise and harmonise opportunities for shared procurement, including a direct response to the ECP Trusted Cloud Europe science use case, addressing cross-border procurement. PICSE will resolve key financial and legal constraints impacting business development and procurement and provide a range of best practices that address those barriers from both private and public sectors, including the research domain, in and beyond Europe. It will set out a realistic roadmap of future procurement based on the levels of ambition for adoption of cloud services over the next five years. This reflects the European Cloud Computing Strategy which calls for a framework of standards to give procurers confidence that they have met their compliance obligations and that they are getting an appropriate solution to meet their needs.

  • Open Access mandate for Publications
    Funder: EC Project Code: 761816
    Overall Budget: 895,000 EURFunder Contribution: 895,000 EUR
    Partners: AALTO, INNO TSD, Trust IT Services, IDC ITALIA SRL addresses the ICT-07 call as the EU led project dedicated to international technology advances in 5G, with a focus on: standardisation, regulations, & market verticals & identifying existing gaps in technology. A Collaboration web platform will showcase & monitor EU & international initiatives and joint R&I programmes with regard to 5G capabilities, standardisation, verticals, & related spectrum. analyses the sustainability strategies and identifies new business models, considering also private & public investments through pragmatic engagement drivers. will report on research findings taken to standardisation, testing validation to market uptake with a close eye on the vertical markets selected and mapping them into the right stakeholder groups. The consortium is domain-skilled & complementary. Trust-IT: Expert SME in communicating ICT innovation, engaging in ICT standards activities, developing ICT tools & go-to-market strategies. Aalto university: A Finnish multidisciplinary university takes an active role in shaping the 5G research agenda; IDC: Premier global provider of market intelligence, consumer technology market research, with over 1,100 analysts across the world; inno TSD: Experts in innovation management & technology transfer, international cooperation & EU & US focus on 5G key to involving multiple stakeholder groups. An influential External Advisory Group (EAG), passionate and competent around 5G technology supports the consortium. Main Outputs: Continuously updated technology radar & online catalogue & experimental platforms 5G PPP results through a collaboration web platform, a permanent international multi-stakeholder group, 3 market gathering workshops, 3 int. satellite events, 6 webinars, Roadmap on Int. cooperation & standardisation, 3 Strategic Research Agendas; a Common Reference Model for regulations, a sustained, international Business oriented Working Group.