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Coventry University

Country: United Kingdom
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  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: 2565936
    Partners: Coventry University

    Screen And Architectural Heritage In Coventry: Placemaking Through Expanded Arts And Cultural Programming

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: 400222
    Funder Contribution: 753,991 GBP
    Partners: Coventry University

    The aim of the CO-MODAL project is to support the development of a market for independent living products for "young" older people (YOP); i.e. those people who are approaching retirement and older age in the 50 – 70 year age range. In particular, project is considering the YOP as a consumer or user of assisted living technology (ALT) products. Project team’s investigations is focusing on understanding the needs and behaviours of four segments: 1. “YOP Consumer Users”: YOP who purchase ALTs for their own use; i.e. those YOP who buy and use the ALT 2. “YOP Purchasers”: YOP ‘decision gatekeepers’ involved in the purchasing decision for other older ALT end users; i.e. those YOP who buy but do not use the ALT 3. “YOP Users”: YOP who use ALTs but refer to other non-YOP ‘decision gatekeepers’ such as a family member, carer or advisor, to make the purchase decision i.e. YOPs who use but do not buy the ALT 4. “YOP Non-users”: YOP who neither buy nor use ALTs

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: 2565945
    Partners: Coventry University

    A Dance Of Becoming: Skinner Releasing Technique (Srt), New Materialism, And A Dance Practice Of Somatic Autobiography.

  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: ES/I001735/1
    Funder Contribution: 18,124 GBP
    Partners: Coventry University

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  • Funder: UKRI Project Code: AH/I024585/1
    Funder Contribution: 54,250 GBP
    Partners: Coventry University

    The 'Library of Processes' will investigate the various ways in which artists document reflections and experiences of working within an artist venue; Siobhan Davies Studios, and how those reflections can translate to contribute to the creation of a digital venue. Siobhan Davies Studios opened in South London in 2006 and is the home of Siobhan Davies Dance, Independent Dance and Performing Arts Lab alongside several other arts organisations. Designed by award winning architect Sarah Wigglesworth, the Studios host a full schedule of artist-led events including performances, exhibitions, artist debates and conversations, films, installations and a comprehensive range of participatory events (classes, workshops and labs) for performing artists. Since opening, Siobhan Davies has been keen to explore different methods for recording the different experiences of artists who work within the Studios, and a number of those records form part of the Relay site on the Siobhan Davies Dance website. The aim of this project is to extend the work on Relay further by developing a collection of different processes that are devised by artists in order to make their work, and their reflections upon those processes, and to create a virtual venue for the public dissemination of this collection. This body of processes will reveal the foundations of different works. The objectives of the project are to: \n\n* establish a broad theoretical framework to facilitate a critical engagement with the existing artist reflections, to inform the structure and design of the library of processes; \n* produce an overview of artist-led artists' buildings and the relationship between artists and buildings; and the archival records that they generate; \ndevise a schedule of work which provides opportunities for a close collaboration between the student, those who manage the building and the artists who work within it; \n* provide an analysis of different modes of documentation as devised by artists who have contributed to Siobhan Davies Relay, to inform the future collection of artist processes; \n* and establish an effective method for the collection and dissemination of artist reflections and documentation in relation to their art making processes. \n\nThe student will spend time working with the project partner, Siobhan Davies Dance, and in close collaboration with the artists working in the Studios. The project will offer the student a rare opportunity to work with leading practitioners to generate a significant range of unique primary materials. The project will also offer contributing artists a valuable opportunity to be supported in how they reflect on their work. It is anticipated that this will enhance collaborative opportunities and encourage a community of practice, spanning a range of arts practices and practitioners, including performing and visual artists, architects, writers, film-makers and composers. By providing an archival record of artist processes it will offer a significant resource for students, teachers, researchers and other artists, offering insight to an otherwise largely hidden process of knowledge generation. \n