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Agence de consulting Future Impacts

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  • Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-21-MRS2-0014
    Funder Contribution: 29,000 EUR
    Partners: Commission nationale du débat public, Agence de consulting Future Impacts, Association Chôros, University of Montreal, CENTRE DE RECHERCHE INTERDISCIPLINAIRE EN SCIENCES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ, Brussels Academy, Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Technology and Governance, Università degli Studi di Bergamo, University of Lisbon - Institute of Social Sciences

    The EgID (Interactive Democracy for a European Governance) project aims at observing and enriching the relation between European Governance and interactive democracy. EgID is a project of fundamental research designed to analyse interactive-democracy existing processes to understand if, without changing current treaties, they could be an instrument for constructing a European citizenship. In particular, the objective is to create an Observatory of Interactive Democracy in Europe. Ongoing and future initiatives will be observed in real time and theoretical tools for analyzing new kinds of initiatives will be proposed. Therefore, the project is focused both on Europe and democracy. Regarding Europe, it places itself in the perspective of an evolution of Europe towards a complete political society. Regarding democracy, the project focuses on different forms and expressions of interactive democracy. The fundamental research will be completed by an action research. The latter will carry out several mechanisms of simulation and experimentation in order to better understand how to progress in the field of interactive democracy, which is still not completely formalized. It is planned to design and activate different kinds of citizens’ assemblies in a series of European cities to create good conditions for EU citizens to discuss together European citizenship issues. The assemblies will be focused on three temporal levels concerning politics and public policies: the present, the next future, and multiple possible futures. The point is to set up pragmatic strategic foresight tools, giving the floor to ordinary citizens and let them freely invent and “inhabit’ possible futures. EgID project has been conceived to apply to the Horizon Europe call for application CL2-2022-DEMOCRACY-01-02: The future of democracy and civic participation. The project will be run by an international and interdisciplinary network of professional and researchers in social sciences. This network includes scholars and experts working on interactive democracy and European issues, especially on the organisation of citizens’ assemblies and the observation of participatory dynamics at different levels. In their theoretical work and professional practice, all the members of the network pay particular attention to spatial dynamics, which is a leading thread of the project. The research network that has been built up for the egID project presents the following key points: - Multi-scalar approaches to governance issues (from the local to the global levels). - Diversity and complementarity of analysis methods: qualitative and quantitative methods (discourse analysis, analysis of perceptions and beliefs, analysis of societal complex issues, digital space analysis). - New, experimental approaches (serious games, innovating cartography, arts/sciences hybridisation). - Deep knowledge of interactive democracy processes both institutionalised and emerging. - Combination of fundamental and operational research.