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Other research product . 2016

Hubungan Diabetes Mellitus Pada Pasien Sindroma Koroner Akut Dengan Masa Perawatan Di RSUP Haji Adam Malik Medan Pada Periode Januari Sampai Dengan Desember 2013

Sitepu, Ibrena Florensia;
Open Access
Published: 19 Oct 2016
Country: Indonesia

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) is a condition where there is an imbalance between oxygen supply and demand of oxygen in the heart muscle tissue. Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) includes coronary heart disease (CHD), including Unstable angina pectoris (APTS), Infrak with ST-elevation myocardial (STEMI) and Infak without ST-elevation myocardial (NSTEMI). All three of these disorders is called Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) because the early symptoms are often similar and initial management. According to WHO, in 2004, the disease acute myocardial Infrak a major cause of death world. This type of research used in this research is analytic survey with case control study design, is the design of research that studies the relationship between exposure (factors researchers) and disease by comparing the case group and the control group based on the status of his presentation. The population in this study were all patients who visit the Adam Malik Hospital Medan in September to December 2014. The population in this study were all patients who visit Haji Adam Malik Hospital in January to December 2013, the sample is part of the population that is selected by the "Sampling Techniques" certain commonly meet or representative of the population. The results of this study showed association between diabetes mellitus with treatment period in patients with acute coronary syndrome (p-value = 0.000, p <0.05.The average age for patients with diabetes mellitus and non-diabetic patients with acute coronary syndrome is <7days 110100329


DM, SKA, Rawat, Masa

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