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Other research product . 1899

Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, June 28, 1899]

Open Access
Published: 28 Jun 1899
Publisher: Nanaimo Free Press
Country: Canada


Newspapers--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

Related Organizations

Oeotral School, High School, W; Sooth North Ward, f1S5.

_ ., North ward, »138.60: Booth ward. 1116; Hi_g_h__S_c_h_o_o_I4l».«).

N.__Q_._F_o_a_t_a_r_,_a_llthtbeeaachchoooUU, ,fS38- On metKui, N. O. Foatar waa awardJ the oootraot, hU tender being tbe The fixing up of tbe Central School ponnda waa left in the hand, of tbe Bnilding Committee.

to tbe nnaoc* CommitlM: B. B.Boberte, fT; N.V.C.Oo., in.fiJ; Water PoUad Chieken, Torkm, Desk or H 0o„ f7A0; W. J. Bitctaie, U. lOo par tU, at W. T. H«UU* Ca'a Dawaon, fSO; Pay Bbeat, $1056.

Tbe Board then adjourned tUl Batmd»y.Aog.(lth.^^^ cd iMdica! skiU for ^bmbmcnrrdbr it s/ter ytar* ^ »),000.

ftstmlnster Road, Vancouver, B. C Old No. MH; Ne w 30UH Lbavo your orders oarlyfor Chimpionship Bicycle Rices & \thletic Sports Horse R icing at Hastings Park on Biih Dtys Fishermen's Rices.

For *nil or «re*k. Wa oloteeur Store at 9 o'.sla3A Saturday They are elaborately Piilshei ia 0A.I, PRaNOa BLJRU WALNUr. aal ROSaWJOD. Sea them at our Bastioa ple wabbling along as though they wjr.i w tiltingooanegeggiisT. Wwdronnnii.arrast.ATiii it thir.ughiy guarantee to m;ike your feet feel CO ufjruble.

Un'oCdorod Skirts. ColUr and CofisattaohoLrogabr prioa 75' now Boy'o Salto, a Urgo raago, rogaUr prioo $4.00, aow....... ...... ...... ......

Mon o Fm. 8«go SalU, tegaUr prioo, $1300. now....... ...... ...... ...... .. 10 00

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