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Other research product . 1898

Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, May 19, 1898]

Open Access
Published: 19 May 1898
Publisher: Nanaimo Free Press
Country: Canada


Newspapers--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

Today ThuTKl»y, M«# !«<*'• tfie ro»tiv«l of the A»een»ion of our Heaton, Dirine Serrice will 'b^ehhelWdt^hi. evening at 7:3-0 .har p..• followed by Choir for 9nnT. Bowhottom, T. Alevredw. (i. Chap aian, W. Randle, ii. Carpenter, W. C.

berlain,a Cdic. Cholera and DUrr^ H«lg»m, Mike a.IIivan, C. Fretev, Hugh Bemedy.-P. E. Omaii.a, Caar. Mill., Morrow, Davi.1 H«dy, J<*n Willianw, U. ForBale^ druggurt. Ungly A Joreph Jooee-gl.OO. ' CAb, Waag. IMiMArta , Bteverton, ' Wartminmer Diatriet-Nra Westdiuter Central, J F Betta [T D Pear d]; Wret End, J P Onlers for Plumbing, Oufittiiig tnd Tmning promptly «MMtod W. H, Morton. Hardware Merthant, Yielorii Gnneii Hnrtitrrff, fluhinic m<1 1: ' And all i«iint. F:a*t and Sooth, abo China and Ja|«n via The Nartkm | H. Altken, Agent, Nanaimo i. CH.AKI.TON. Amt. Gmeral Paa- a, I -_„er Agent, '•i'h Mori i on Street cor. • Tliinl, I'ortlaml. Oregon.___________ , leal Garden.

i'e can^meet any price but the prk* «^ r be convinced that our 5 cent Beer is A. 1- Well Purnisned in connection Dining Kooiuwith we wraagat with Anthony. J. Cndiam, Jew. Gray.

Cal aghan, A. McLeo.1, P. Taylor, Hil , Miner, J. McNeil. W. Pywi , Du.a, J. Rumduline, J. D Dnru, K. Ilerto, .1. Gil , J. Greuwcll, H. Frrenian, C. Cor nmh. K. Devlin, K Heather. J. .Siephcm, O. Reid, J. Cutmingbam, W. Uremian. tV.

Shcppanl .H More, W. Foireet, .1 McCuali.

J. Wnohank, W. Kemp. T. McKmnioi , Mark Rixoo, W. Hndeon, 8. (ireenway, R.

.on, W. Polkingborne L. McMulIan, 8.

Copporalion Of tfce City Of Nanaimo ITIOB i* hereby given that tire Court il. vl.ion for the piirfioee of Inuring r.implaint* againat the a**e*«Dient of «, a* tna-le l.y tlie A.reeaor of the y of Nanaimo, will h.- Iiel.l at the Km..imo, B.O. 2nd May. 1886^' m*y«' A -w - iar irewvtwwwi i»re*etwa 1M, Alee, Beer and Cigar*.

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