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Other research product . 1875

The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, May 22, 1875]

Open Access
Published: 22 May 1875
Publisher: Nanaimo Free Press
Country: Canada


Newspapers--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

lAmpe, Coal Oil, Iron KnnocpatiH and boilers from 2 to 10

,*1“ !-«'• lu Ihi. El, Cera* g-.llloMH

Notions, Etc., Etc. 1-iKhiiiingchurns. 2 good plows, Cedar Posts for fencing, liciM- Cl.liars, saddlery, whips, spun,

Pure Honey at 25 cts per lb. ggSSSSjMs WJilitcwiish, I1 aint.t. .a..n..d....o..t..h..e..r. briiabee,

.S7»bP4o»\VcVlIs>,, ItHa|Vk(*e.*.-4 aHnliCdl |hlto>e0s8

ItfOTlCE Juallcc i7lb. K»« .“o7cl'iIu.ior. 1 ub{o)tib-<olran,,A1c.baritone horn, flutes, flfos,

l- i-l,ibg tods, hooks, baskets, lines, Ac. I All persons indt l-icd to the nnder^ Wr Jas- Gibson CaiiKflottcr, all kinds of cabbage plABlAi signed are requested to settle the --------J my Power of Aitornev an,* will i.uhanized wise nnd hemp rope same forthwith. carry ou me on-tnesa as tihuai Jurlng my 1-lower pots, Sythes and anAlbs,

rn*)ViMOXAL DiBl.cTons: R. Finiiivson, I-Nq J. 1!. Turner, fc>q.. Kt. Bcaven, Ksq.. L. bo-c.w It/., Lw)., Wn.Wilson, 1-jiq., Capi. Clarke. FredericL[ Sforris

A Tumiluira Vietoria. Vietorin, lid Feb., 1875. Novtlties by Express Monthly.

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