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Other research product . 1888

The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, May 16, 1888]

Open Access
Published: 16 May 1888
Publisher: Nanaimo Free Press
Country: Canada


Newspapers--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

iateatbesftnatlon'and la wiffi the'plami^opied^by How sensible is the dfek of iBe ton-' ^on mllLwomiio, of the Irish or BcoM the North-count^ fcetory |! An attempt frti made recently ei^ed^hal if the reply eccrpiea twice a# much apace aa Uie article, the fnanthen,it to be no exception in Itaa 1 rule except when the reply la of the character of aft. cllASk, <'f ,'f 1 pf 'lhaae mlea ia to be po^ttl by eovere penaltlea, aUhongl|lcaa«i*cxalb<u>tboaa which e ia fane bafaie & paaaiac of Uiia law." ' viaiS33S;^S.'^4S hUtbloithAairr.aoetahfeiaTcaktabi,»*y«.»MI>eiy"'p^.apPe">^- ^wSmgskejTat thUest'alilialiimjnl aie'always insiwctio?o*bjy%p'bhy^sicians Till, Khoct Iron niul Cupper Work. iProvisionsi Boots, & Shoei.

Ki^aiauiult *Han^o JUilwfty Company^ Notice to CTnimant'a under the “Act Belntlnir to the lalaad Kail way, the Orarinir Dock, ^ The Conpeny Ih now prepare# ^ to tsaaeConteyancea of Title all claimants entitled to the same under the proTisions of the abore Act, aad who hate fnlUHed the Beanirementaorthe British Cot nmbla “Land Art, !884. ' dbm ihar* U na.ueh ihing m beauty -. poUmlwd ^g hk drees all. In fact Umiec bbesaanattypjfaa OAaPHri!H»TnC«T<*'-'J*'<-'•*'"» "““'“B- Hearth Hogs, draasda^iaBda OB iba beauty of ^Yindo* I'.lii. lK, forni.-e Poles, Bert Comforters, BlankeU, Bed Ticking.

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