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Other research product . 1902

Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, November 29, 1902]

Open Access
Published: 29 Nov 1902
Publisher: Nanaimo Free Press
Country: Canada


Newspapers--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

Melrose Cheese, Hams and Bacons of the lirst quality, Phone 182.

20 per cent discount means 20 cents reduction on every dollar's worth you buy-butyou must buy to-night.

lliiw nUkUt thit overviiit i "'«7 The Royal llraiid Suite are good i>r ii VI.U would pn-fi-r n ruinctmt or even a higli i Iivni wivterproof gurrant.'e of the Makera-“Your coni »e ihin »urely yon money hack if not aatirfactory" --overeoata and I'l-terv from TlK-ir IIO.OO kuiunow $ 8,00 ^;l to f l•l.:.ll lUiu MteU from i'JX.i) to $IJ.l'0. \Vatwj.mid Their 1-J.50vuite now 10.00 cri'. frmn $d ' ■ f. Al'nM) Tlicir 1.100,uite now I't.oo That $6.00 the Koil "Jargeni ' I'mlcrwear in moving out quick ly- $1.80 only if you buy lefjrv we cluue Saturday oighi.

Down comes the Curtain on this Great Discount Sale at 11 o'clock To-Night -So we give you fair warning.

gate F. 0. CoUmao bae wniteo W- l^tljy^i^^ng Silane rnreet ebarwb 1<enil>b-*io arwOTiUrg (y oeEt Ibunday eeawiag, tbe a •igbt forte woabl7H'«rrr omal Keangete ^lemao ia ao a.aogi of a new type aod a emo whose w •da eommeoi tbeaneiTee. to ataaaaa. Ha «VI probably epeod abnol teas waeke ia Weltaoe ytreel chareb.

I^SteM BHilas at W. T yoa atwam Imck a lOcenldiacouul ticket When yim baift, from $1.75 to $5.00 wortli id iicketa, you boma here an>I gel an e|.^ut B..A free.

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