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Other research product . 1880

Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, July 24, 1880]

Open Access
Published: 24 Jul 1880
Publisher: Nanaimo Free Press
Country: Canada


Newspapers--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

it Meme is quite wrthy of conwl„twwae8a«aoett»hbbU«abed8s0ooin after tbe Crimean war to. replace tb.' fl»t t^ Beaks of Rnesia-i^ich mw eatsbISahed be Csthetinb ll. in 1769-and wpitei Of the bank belongs Su^, theie are no jStpckbqlders and ibtf profiU soeme to the Buaaian tresaiiry. The eapilal ia 28.000.00Q «bli7.nd tb.

4.890,000 roblee, a ruble being eqniTalent to 66 9,10 eebU. accord ing to this yesrt irfloation by United Sutea.TreaBurer.

.-..1------ *iana reached 18.060, __ ,.......... ....... InWeOtbedCtKiajta werel60.000,000.t«blee and 10 yesra tbe bills wera nl« dMonsOofjM pe(r cent. Besides tb» Mtiehi' >ot less intimatil^ltthb«(e( Goesromant. In IdlTrSeZeommuDel banks rsp8Btad«Ut»i: ^Ul of 15.000.000 rtbleh,dkito8iU * - 900,00r and diacohats of,''' and in 1874 18 mads ispotta of p«rt; ara rot giesn. Th onsl hnkB ■leadaaioistered TK-i-t brand* ef Pena. Ink, and Paper aro often Imtuted and sold at a totf ^ PurchW^ in oilMg And tbeuiio be uuastialactory, F. P. * Oe,^ oadeaveur to aeeid apnrloaa brands and apareno expenae to aaaoje eaoeavou w *■ ,nperlor suUonery.

■Booka Bound. Paper Bnled and Perforated to Order 3^! 'ssmmr urwLiLuiam.

J. P. 6RANT. Special Inapactor, •pJj to Mr. Jis. Abramb. M. P'. P. afent fo «

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