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Other research product . 2020

The TRUST Principles for digital repositories

Lin, Dawei; Crabtree, Jonathan; Dillo, Ingrid; Downs, Robert R.; Edmunds, Rorie; Giaretta, David; De Giusti, Marisa; +12 Authors
Open Access
Published: 14 May 2020

As information and communication technology has become pervasive in our society, we are increasingly dependent on both digital data and repositories that provide access to and enable the use of such resources. Repositories must earn the trust of the communities they intend to serve and demonstrate that they are reliable and capable of appropriately managing the data they hold. Following a year-long public discussion and building on existing community consensus1, several stakeholders, representing various segments of the digital repository community, have collaboratively developed and endorsed a set of guiding principles to demonstrate digital repository trustworthiness. Transparency, Responsibility, User focus, Sustainability and Technology: the TRUST Principles provide a common framework to facilitate discussion and implementation of best practice in digital preservation by all stakeholders. Refereed Best Practice Manual (incl. handbook, guide, cookbook etc)


Ingenierías y Tecnologías, Certification, Digital repositories, Data stewardship, Data management, :Cross-discipline [Parameter Discipline], :Data archival/stewardship/curation [Data Management Practices], :Data management planning and strategy development [Data Management Practices]

22 references, page 1 of 3

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