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Site-Selective Benzannulation of N-Heterocycles in Bidentate Ligands Leads to Blue-Shifted Emission from [(P^N)Cu]2(μ-X)2 Dimers

Mondal, Rajarshi; Lozada, Issiah; Davis, Rebecca L; Williams, J A Gareth; Herbert, David E;
Open Access English
  • Published: 12 Apr 2018
  • Publisher: American Chemical Society
  • Country: Canada
Benzannulated bidentate pyridine/phosphine (P^N) ligands bearing quinoline or phenanthridine (3,4-benzoquinoline) units have been prepared, along with their halide-bridged, dimeric Cu(I) complexes of the form [(P^N)Cu]2(μ-X)2. The copper complexes are phosphorescent in the orange-red region of the spectrum in the solid-state under ambient conditions. Structural characterization in solution and the solid-state reveals a flexible conformational landscape, with both diamond-like and butterfly motifs available to the Cu2X2 cores. Comparing the photophysical properties of complexes of (quinolinyl)phosphine ligands with those of π-extended (phenanthridinyl)phosphines ...
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