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High Performance Computing Governance Intelligence Gathering
Funder: European CommissionProject code: 824151 Call for proposal: H2020-INFRAEDI-2018-1
Funded under: H2020 | CSA Overall Budget: 943,766 EURFunder Contribution: 900,000 EUR
Open Access mandate
Research data: No

The European Cloud Initiative implementation encompasses different elements and will require a solid governance setup. A cornerstone of this governance is a Joint Undertaking, planned to start activities in 2019. HPC-GIG proposes intelligence gathering services from the European HPC stakeholders to this future ‘HPC Governance’ - HPCG. It aims to facilitate a timely start of its operations, transparently and non-intrusively leveraging the HPC community know-how, organised with enough flexibility to align project activities with the programme schedule and needs during its ramp-up phase, and deliver timely and useful input to the HPCG. For this purpose the project will: - establish an effective and responsive communication channel with the HPC Governance; - engage all relevant stakeholders in the HPC and data ecosystem via dynamically managed ad hoc task forces; - develop knowledge registries and consolidate networks of expertise which may already exist; - link national and pan-European activities in the field, involving users, implementers and funders participating in the European HPC and Big Data activities; - organise workshops for stakeholder groups and/or participating in already-existing strategic HPC events; - create visibility and position the project within the European HPC and data ecosystem. The project partners are Europe’s reference players in the main areas of concern: (a) PRACE (Project Coordinator): provider of world-class HPC for scientific and industrial research; (b) ETP4HPC: industry-led think tank of European HPC technology stakeholders; (c) GEANT: the leading European collaboration providing advanced network, infrastructure and services for research and education. The project partners are very active stakeholders interested in reaching the ECI objectives. Moreover, their in-depth knowledge of the field and the scope of their contacts will facilitate the involvement of users, implementers and funders from the European HPC ecosysstem.

Data Management Plans
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