project . 2009 - 2011 . Closed

Silicon photonic sensors and actuators for biological systems

UK Research and Innovation
Funder: UK Research and InnovationProject code: EP/H023836/1
Funded under: EPSRC Funder Contribution: 195,938 GBP
Status: Closed
30 Sep 2009 (Started) 30 Mar 2011 (Ended)

The aim of Silicon photonics is nothing less than the complete convergence of optics and electronics. In the first instance this endeaviour was aimed at oversoming the limitations imposed by nature in the transport of information using electrons. However, the work has already thrown up more general optical technologies which can be minaturised onto silicon chips. In fact, engineers are slowly building a whole optics toolbox on silicon, including detectors, modulators and spectrometers. The international consortium assembled for the current work have already made significant progress in providing the long sought after on-chip light source. The feasibility studies proposed here are aimed at building on the existing expertise found in the consortium and elsewhere to apply these technologies to the optical detection and manipulation of single biomolecules in a way than can be miniaturised giving devices that have such functionalities on a silicon chip. The impact of the work will be enhanced by the fact that the approaches used are compatible with those used during the manufacture of standard silicon chips and that the end products can be mass produced (at costs measured in cents per unit) for personalised health care applications in every home, doctor's surgery/pharmacist; for the detection of low level atmosphere or water born pollutants or for counter terrorism/military applications

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