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Publication . Thesis . 2020

Perancangan Tas Siaga Bencana Dengan Mempertimbangkan Tas Siaga Bencana

Havis, Dwi Putra;
Open Access
Published: 24 Jan 2020
Country: Indonesia

Geographically, Indonesia is prone to natural disasters both geological and hydro-meteorological disasters. Large-scale natural disasters resulting in the community have to evacuate. All this time, people carry most items they think will be required in the evacuation by using bags. Based on research through discussions and questionnaires in mind that the bags are used by the public is not ergonomic and effective when used as a bag of disaster preparedness. Currently, disaster preparedness bags have been found in online shopping sites like Amazon, but still found a few things necessary for improve. Therefore, in this study conducted disaster preparedness bag design by considering the ergonomic aspects and be able to load all the needs required during the evacuation 1x24 hours. This design is done by Morphological Chart Method by conducting the stages; concept development, alternative development plans, and the assessment and determination of the best design alternatives with the help of speakers from disaster agencies, including BPBDs city of Padang, PMI West Sumatra Province, and KOGAMI (Tsunami Alert Community) as well as speakers from the field of convection bags. This research result in the design of disaster preparedness bags already consider some aspects of ergonomics among others the size of bags that use anthropometric data, the comfort of the back board design and the main rope bag, the placement of goods in bags that wear barriers in order to facilitate the taking or placing of goods, and heavy bags under the restrictions adopted by the ILO. Another aspect to consider is the bag sufficient capacity to accommodate the need for 1x24 hours of the evacuation according to Buku Saku Tanggap Tangkas BNPB 2017. Estimated price of this disaster preparedness bag is Rp 202.100,- per unit. Keywords: Disaster Preparedness Bag, Evacuation, Morphological Chart Method


T Technology (General)

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