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Publication . Other literature type . Article . 2020

The Morpholinyl Oxygen Atom as an Acceptor Site for Halogen-Bonded Cocrystallization of Organic and Metal–Organic Units

Vinko Nemec; Tomislav Piteša; Tomislav Friščić; Dominik Cinčić;
Closed Access
Published: 28 Apr 2020
Country: Croatia

We explore the halogen bond acceptor potential of the morpholinyl oxygen atom in the synthesis of cocrystals involving organic and metal−organic units, by using N-aminomorpholine either as a potential halogen bond acceptor or as a reagent to insert a morpholine moiety into larger organic and copper(II)-based metal−organic building blocks. Challenged against four well-known halogen bond donor molecules differing in binding geometry and composition, these three morpholine containing units have yielded a total of seven previously not reported cocrystals, of which six (86%) exhibited the formation of I···O or Br···O halogen bonds to the morpholinyl oxygen atom. The results illustrate the possibility to systematically insert and use a morpholine group as an efficient halogen bond acceptor into organic and metal−organic structures, thus enabling cocrystal formation.

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Medical Subject Headings: inorganic chemicals

Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Oxygen atom Metal visual_art.visual_art_medium visual_art Acceptor Halogen bond Polymer chemistry Halogen Chemistry


cocrystals ; coordination compounds ; halogen bonding ; morpholine, Condensed Matter Physics, General Materials Science, General Chemistry

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